Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Aug 2012 ~ You Tube Picks

I looked for You Tube videos of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and they were good enough to make me a little embarrassed for the lean pickings I found in rural Ohio and Iowa. I chose two, one I’ll place before the American videos and one after.  You wonder – were our Irish ancestors homesick for County Tyrone when they moved to their new home.  Did those who moved to Iowa miss Ohio?

If you'd like to get a feel for a place visit You Tube! The videos definitely give a sense of what an area is like, what her people are like, and what there is to do there. The videos run from the sublime to the ridiculous with an awful lot of ordinary in between.

Please know that the videos I choose are not meant to make fun of or disparage any person, group, or place. I do join with the people of the area who poke fun at themselves, or are creative and proud of their hometowns. God Bless them, everyone. . .they're out there doing stuff!

Por ejemplo, Marshalltown, Iowa videos show a multicultural shift with the growth of a Hispanic population. What is there to do in Marshalltown these days? Skate boarding, fire and storm chasing, car racing, and hunting. - oh, and in the winter - sledding. There is a community college. I wonder how much small town life has changed since 1850. (The following videos show some of the local terrain as our ancestors might have seen it, albeit at a faster pace. If you get bored stop the video and move to the next.

What is there to do in Cadiz, Ohio? Skate boarding, fire and storm chasing, car racing, and hunting – or sledding. Clark Gable was born there. Young citizens feel the town could use some updating.

Thunder On The Hill ATV Rally Cadiz, Ohio

The video above is Iowa but could be Ohio in winter, as well. Do you think Iowa is flat?
County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

by Phil McGovren

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