Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Genealogy Place Names - G

G is for . . . 

Gael, Brittany, France

Ralph de Gael II, Lord de Montfort 1040-1095 (my 25th Great Grandfather) 
In 1066 the French invaded England, moved in and took over ruling the country. Ralph de Gael was a child of one of those families. In England the Breton barony of Gaël is not one place but the 40 parishes that he inherited as a grant from the Crown. “He held large estates in Norfolk, as well as property in Suffolk, Essex, Hertford, and possibly other counties.” – Wikipedia. 
This man had an extraordinary life as a witness to and participant in important historical events. If you follow the links on this article about him in Wikipedia you will see – The Battle of Hastings; Riding with Conan II; Being with William the Conqueror; Going on the first Crusade; Fighting Vikings.

The Wiki article states that both he and his wife died on the route to Palestine on the Crusade.  The ancestry.com page for him says Cambridgeshire, England – which is probably where their monuments were placed. 

Photo: Français: Mairie de Gaël; Wikipedia Commons

“G” is for . . .
Mary de Ergadia MacDougall, Countess of Strathearn 1234-1303 ( She is my 19th Great Grandmother and also related to my husband.)
Clan MacDougall's very attractive tartan.

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