Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Looking Back, Looking Forward, and the stats

The original plan was to do 18 counties in 18 days – that was overly ambitious and for me a little unrealistic.  I did start in August and ended in September and in that time researched and grew to love 19 of Ohio’s 88 counties. They all have their own peculiar character – all of them representative of Ohio – and yet so different.  Different like siblings or cousins.  If you have more than one child or grandchild you know what it is like to marvel over how related and how different they are.  That is the feeling I have for the 19 counties where my families settled.  
These sibling counties (those split off from each other) and these cousin counties (formed in the same pioneering spirit) are like the children of a family.  
I don’t want to diminish the importance of the remaining 69 counties of Ohio. They are simply not the brothers, sisters, and cousins of my families – but they may be yours.  I encourage my readers to research the history of any of those places and I’m sure they’ll find, as I have, many things of value and of interest to celebrate.  Thanks to all those hard working people in ‘my counties’ who take the time to tell their story on-line – whether it be genealogists, government workers, or volunteers—they all love their home and are most generous in sharing.
I have to put in a plug for Google. When I first started blogging in September 2009 [] I chose Google’s Blogger for my site. It was clean, simple, easy and attractive. Since then it has gotten a little more sophisticated, but not complicated. It has gotten better and is still clean and easy – free and ad free if I wish it to be.  It is also linked to other Google services like Picasa for my photos.  One day I may learn to use all the other Google services – but at the moment I’m happy and grateful for this outlet where I can express myself and share information. 

There are certain websites that are so useful that I use them over and over.  I’ve done a post on Find A Grave. com and I owe one to
Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki

My blog would be diminished and much more difficult to do if the wiki information wasn’t out there.  Thank you, thank you!  Sprinkled throughout my blog posts you will see wiki links and photos.  I am grateful for the wonderful, free clipart available through  I agree with one reviewer who mentioned that her estimation of Microsoft raised several notches when she found their generous sharing of free clipart. 

Google Blogger – thanks for the stats! Part of Google’s blog service is to track how often your blog  is accessed, which posts are read, and where your readers are from. I love this and check often. As of this evening for Aquila’s Orchard Blog I have 41 published posts and they have been accessed 3,502 times. That is amazing and I’m thrilled. Google has graphs showing which days the blog has been accessed. They let me know which posts have been popular that day.  This can be displayed for the day, week, month, or total time. For this week the post on Hamilton County has the most views. That isn’t too hard to understand as Hamilton contains the very large city of Cincinnati. But right next to it in popularity is Knox, a rural country that not only is second in the number of hits but has the most comments. 
One thing that I love about the Google stats is that it has a world map and that shows where your readers are in varying shade of green.  In the world?!  Yes, this is a global site and I have international readers. How cool is that!! I wonder if they are expats, non-English speakers practicing their English, or just interested in things American?  What countries are represented? My second largest audience, by far, is in Russia. The list continues with Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom, Malaysia, France, Norway, Canada, Ireland, China, Indonesia, and Poland.  This is. . .well. . .cool.  Those countries that had one view drop off the list. . . but I find them interesting, too.  Who is that one person in an entire country that read my blog? It’s sort of like having a zillion international pen pals but with only one-way communication. I wish they’d use the comment box and let me know who they are! 
Thanks readers ~ спасибо spasibo, danke, gamsahabnida 감사합니, Cheers, terima kasih, merci, Tusen takk, Go raibh maith agat, Xièxiè 谢谢, dziękuję !!

 Time to work on that book!

Photos & Clipart:  Wikipedia; Microsoft Clipart, Google Blogger


  1. Cute ;) I think you wrapped up Ohio very nicely. The shout out to Google was a good idea and I love that you concluded in multiple languages!
    Great job :)


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