Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beautiful Ohio?

It looks like one week. The idea that you are showing ‘the best’ of anything means that at some point you run out and it’s time to move on to another phase. Will my readers miss the YouTubes when I go back to regular posts? I have many more than seven videos left but they fall roughly into seven groups. Frankly, some of the ‘groups’ aren’t the best but just other - a favorite depends on the taste or preference of the reader.
There is a song, for instance, that has played as Ohio’s anthem for close to 100 years. Everyone has done it, or so it seems. That is “Beautiful Ohio.” It’s an okay song but it has been done to death. Still one can’t ignore the iconic. Is Ohio beautiful? Yes, it is beautiful. Ohio has it’s ugly – in the sense of:                  

There was a little girl who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead;
When she was good, she was very, very good,
And when she was bad she was horrid.*

The ugly is human-made, though.  Without man to muddy it up Ohio is naturally beautiful. And, there are beautiful
man- made places – picture postcard farms, quaint towns with church steeples, barn quilts, city skylines, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Where humans are involved we are back to taste or preference. God’s Ohio is always beautiful.

I’ve sampled several performers singing Beautiful Ohio, music by Mary Earl (aka Robert ‘Bobo’ King), lyrics by Ballard MacDonald.  In 1919 the recording by Henry Burr was a #1 chart topper and I’m posting Henry’s version here. Also, there are links to a few other versions.  Dad may prefer Glenn Miller or Lawrence Welk, my cousin may find Tiny Tim is a hoot, and my daughter may like Kenny Roberts and the Pinetoppers in their 1951 cowboy version. Do people who like country music also like cowboy music? Cowboys are western country I guess. Taste, it’s all about taste. If you click through the links below to sample various styles you can vote for your favorite by leaving a comment on the blog post.  I’d love to know which one is ‘best’ - vote!

Other versions of Beautiful Ohio:
Kenny Roberts and the Pinetoppers -
Tiny Tim -
4 Rose Bowl Parade bound Ohio Bands -
Marty Robbins -

Sammy Rimmington -
Lawrence Welk -

Player Piano -

Credits:  Beautiful Ohio posted on YouTube by CatsPjamas1, sung by Henry Burr, music by Mary EArl, Lyrics by Ballard Macdonald, 1919.
The Little Girl with the Curl -



  1. Sandra, I just listened to the Beautiful Ohio and LOVED LOVED LOVED them all...sometimes when my parents had a bunch of church people for dinner, afterwards our organist got on the Hammond and our piano player on our piano (on opposite ends of the living room) and everyone would sing and sing and sing to the oldies of the 30's and 40's. This was one of them. All four of us were supposed to be in bed, but in reality we were at the top of the stairs listening.....was fun.

  2. Mary, thanks so much for sharing your family experience. How wonderful that your family sang together - that creates great and lasting memories. I'm glad you like the Beautiful Ohio post!


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