Thursday, August 8, 2013

18 or 5 to 2

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There are two important things going on in my life right now. Of course, there more than two things – but two primary things take up time, mental and physical energy -- a rather desperate need to lose weight and get healthy, and a passion for genealogy – specifically a look at our Ohio pioneers. Awaking after a longer than usual sleep with vivid and interesting dreams, in this instance six hours where the norm is four, I had a vision and plan for the next 18 days.

Dr. Michael Mosley

Last night casting about for something interesting to watch on TV, with its multitude of channels and desert wasteland of anything remotely good, I stumbled onto a PBS broadcast of Dr. Michael Mosley’s Eat, Fast,and Live Longer. Wow, I’m on board for this – two days of fasting per week and five days of eating your regular way with foods you prefer.  I can do this!  I ordered Mosley’s book. I, also, remember my one successful diet, which came out of the Vogue Complete Diet and Exercise Book that was published in the 80s.  I remember how time intensive the meals were but they were successful in helping me appreciate fresh, non-processed foods.
One significant thing I remember from the book was the recommendation to fast one day a week. I’m seeing a fasting theme here, although in the 5/2 diet the fast days include 500 calories. That Vogue book is still out there and I found a copy to buy for less that $1 + postage.

Why 18 days? The other part of the plan involves a blitz of activity reminiscent of Julie Powell and her blogging days of cooking all the recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. 
Julia Child 1989
Who could do such a thing, hold down a full time job and blog about it to boot?  Amazing.  My blitz is tiny in comparison.  It is a county blitz. I have 18 Ohio counties to research. I need one page per county with the flag, links, and a brief history.  If anyone who lives in those counties has any interesting tidbits to add they are welcome. The county pages need to be completed for the book and I could certainly spend a week or more researching and reading about these counties I’ve never been in and most likely will never see. Being part of our pioneer past I’m sure all of them have interesting stories. But, I don’t have a week to devote to each county – they will each have a day.  18 days for 18 counties. That will be a chunk ready for my Christmas book and I’ll be lighter and healthier from my 5/2 trial diet.
I will start the county pages and blogs tomorrow and I have in mind Monday and Thursday as possible fast days.  Dr. Mosley said he didn’t stick to a fast schedule – so it may be that different days each week work better depending on what else I'm doing. I’m aiming for August 12 for the first fast day.

The Ohio Counties:  Ashland, Belmont, Brown, Clermont, Coshocton, Darke, Erie, Franklin, Hamilton, Harrison, Miami, Muskingum, Scioto, Shelby, Warren,
Washington, Wyandot. Wait! That is only 17!  Ah, but I’ll need a page or two for the State of Ohio.

Yes!  I can do this! 

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  1. Hi Sandra...I've enjoyed reading your blog. Of course both of us growing up in the same place brings memories which Is fun. I love the way you have made this an interesting way of incorporating family tree, also. Mary

  2. 17 Sep 2016 - Nope, the diet didn't work - still have the book.


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