Saturday, August 31, 2013

Muskingum County ~ Pottery Capital of the World

Muskingum County Courthouse
Zanesville, Ohio
The first families I tracked into Ohio were the Cullins and the Cordrays and allied families. These are my father’s people and they were in Muskingum County very early.  Everything about Muskingum is interesting to me from the name to the rivers to the pioneers. This is a place where I’d like to do some genealogical digging, or vacationing, or visiting.

I did it backwards today. I’d already done most of the research I needed to complete the history page for the book.  I wrapped that up early. It has been a hot, humid, miserable day – not quite as bad as yesterday – as there was a slight breeze – but bad enough without AC.  Yahoo tells me that right now it 5:00 PM it is 89°- ugh.  I have a feeling we’ll have to cut the bridge game short tomorrow because it will be Tuesday before we have a break. I’m wondering what the weather is like in Muskingum County, Ohio right now. . .it is later in the evening as they 2,338 miles east of here.  Well, it’s not much different.  They had a high of 86. Right now it is 79 and they are expecting 69 and isolated thunderstorms. Alas, we have no rain but yesterday the air was so moist that a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.
I’m staying home this Labor Day Weekend but I wonder what is going on back in Ohio. I see that there is a Rib Cook-Off at the county fairgrounds – Yum!  Other than that it looks like a quiet Labor Day.  But, coming up starting Sept 7-Oct 31 is something I would love – a Corn Maze. How fun! Coming up in mid-September is The Ohio Show – an annual juried art  show. 

John Glenn
Muskingum County is famous for its pottery. I could spend a whole trip looking for the perfect pot! Have you ever tried to throw a pot on a wheel? I tried, I failed and I admire those who can.  No romantic evenings with the wheel and some clay a la Ghost for me. Sigh.  I wonder if any of their famous citizens got their hands into the clay – see if you can imagine astronaut John Glenn or actor Richard Basehart, or writer Zane Grey covered in the sticky stuff.  Hm, maybe not but I can see Agnes Morehead turning out a nice bowl or pitcher.
Whether you are off on a three day jaunt, picnicking with family, or catching up with the yard work I hope you have a fun and relaxing Labor Day.

Agnes Moorehead
Bewitched, 1969
 Photos: Wikipedia

Zanesville-Muskingum County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau


  1. I didnt know that much about Muskingum County until i read this . I attended Muskingum University and knew John Glenn went here but i didnt know Anges Moorehead attended here as well. I also didnt know that Muskingum County was pottery capital of the world! You learn something new about where you live every day.

  2. Katie - Thank you for stopping by! I agree, sometimes there is much more to learn about the place we’re in; and we’re too busy with our lives to explore or see it all. That is why a few years ago I started a blog called Sandy Hikes San Diego ( There was, and still is, so much to learn about my county. I knew next to nothing about Ohio when I started the family history blog. It has been quite an education. I can’t wait to visit! There is a great blog call - they visit the lovely parks and trails and blog about them. I’m not sure if they have visited and blogged about the parks in Muskingum County but they have a comprehensive list of the parks - just in case you want to explore.


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