Saturday, August 3, 2013


In 2009 I began a blog called Sandy Hikes San Diego. I’m sure the title could be improved, but that’s what came to mind at the time. Blogger and blogging was new to me and I worked hard with the tools provided to find an attractive look for my subject. That look lasted until yesterday when, with one stroke, the entire blog transformed into a new and modern look.  The update was simple, saying good-bye to the old a little more difficult.

At the same time I found dynamic pages that seemed to work for the new blog, Aquila’s Orchard. I was up in the middle of the night adding color and personalizing the genealogy blog. It was not the reason I was up (caffeine) but I made good use of my time.
Now that both blogs have been transformed I wish that I could marry the two – not the posts – but the styles.  I’d love a blog with the picture window look of ‘Sandy Hikes’ and the dynamic functionality of the Orchard.   How about it Google Blogger?  I love this. Doing a blog is like scratching a creative itch.

Mobile devices? No problem! Now you can read the blogs on your IPad or Galaxy.  These days Samsung is calling it your ‘life companion’ – well, I suppose it is. 

Next I may monetize the site. 
Gasp, you say, go commercial? How crass. I’d love to have an ad for so people could click and sign-up. Other ads I’m not crazy about, but money – who couldn’t use some of that? Mr Gates or Ms Winfrey I’m not.  

*Photos & Clip Art from Microsoft, Wikipedia, and Google Blogger


  1. I love the new format. Clean & simple. I think in bullet points:-)

  2. Marcellene Graham HeuterAugust 3, 2013 at 2:16 PM

    Love Your Blogs - just caught up on them!

  3. This one looks cool.

  4. I looked, I liked, I will return. Good Job.


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