Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brown County, Ohio

Ulysses S. Grant
President Ulysses S. Grant sat down to write his autobiography when he was finished with politics and war. What a wonderful thing he did. He started off with his life as a boy in Brown County, Ohio. I remember how excited I was to read his boyhood story. I knew we had family in Brown County about the same time.  They could have been neighbors, or met at the ferry – but they didn’t have to meet for this book to relay to me and my children what life was like in Brown County. It is a treasure. Grant could write well and the book was a best seller and it has been reissued. (Please note the comments under Clermont County that point out the Grant was born in Clermont and the family moved to Brown County when he was still a toddler. Clermont proudly claims him as their own and his birthplace is open to the public.)
Because of President Grant’s introduction to Brown County I was looking forward to diving in today and putting together my page.  It’s been a tough weekend.  Two days, Friday and Saturday shuttling between home and the vet and serious worry over the dangerous heartworm treatment my dog is receiving. I live in California where heartworms are not common, and still, coming out of Animal Control Beatrice tested positive and has been enduring a painful and expensive treatment. I mention this because there is a heartworm prevention pill out there so please be sure your dog is protected.  Heartworms are a death sentence and not all dogs survive the treatment – prevention is key.  Apparently the nasty worms are moving into California so beware.

Today was bridge day – a complex game I’m just learning. Luckily three patient women who are experienced players are willing to come over to teach.  Bea enjoys bridge day and it was a good, restful time for her. But, remember I’m doing one county a day. So this morning it was important that I get up and do the research before the game began.  I got so wrapped up in the research it took me right up to game time.

I am in love. I thought I could spend a very pleasant weekend in rural Belmont County. If I had to move east from San Diego I might give Brown County, Ohio some serious thought.  I could easily visit for a week, a month, or maybe a year (well maybe for only one winter).

It is beautiful, historical, and there is so much to do – a busy calendar all year. They’ve captured my heart. No wonder my ancestors liked it there.

In Brown County there is a great interest in the Civil War and the Underground Railroad.  You can paddle, fish, ferry over the Ohio River into Kentucky, or if you are in the mood for big city life you can go up the road to Cincinnati. 

Who were our Brown Countians? I’m going to have to do some more research on John Geren and Easter Hill Geren. The information I have says Highland and Brown Counties. They were apparently on White Oak Creek and possibly on the border between the two counties where the creek crosses. Some of their children ended up in Brown County and some in Highland. Like many early Ohioans, John and Easter were born in Pennsylvania. They are my 5th great grandparents. Their son married Catherine Bolender from Clermont County. Catherine’s father Stephen Bolender died in Clermont County but her mother, Margreta Schenckel died in 1804 at Boudes Ferry, Brown County (Come to think of it, in 1804 that was still part of Clermont in the future Brown County).  I believe her family at one time owned the ferry.  Well, it isn’t all clear but like I say, I’ll be glad to visit beautiful Brown County to track them down. (See my link above 'ferry over the Ohio River' to see that the Boudes Ferry site is only one of two still crossing the Ohio River today.)

Everyone has a story and no we aren’t all U.S. Grant – but if you write your story someday your family will think it a wonderful treasure. Start writing!
PS - For the first time ever I had the high score in bridge! Maybe Brown County brought me luck!

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Sources: The American Heartworm Society

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