Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Darke County, Ohio

Quaker Star
When is a county not a county? Before it’s created. I’m not sure I need to have Darke County on my list. Most states (maybe all) were formed with larger counties and then the area was chopped into
smaller counties when the population grew.  This is my problem with Darke.  My 4th great grandparents, like many of their Quaker friends (no pun intended) and relatives lived in Miami County.  I’m assuming that John and Susannah Elleman lived in the same house on the same farm, but when Susannah died in in 1810 she died and was buried in Miami County, and when John died in 1818 he died in Wayne Township, Darke County and was buried in Miami County.  So, does Darke County count when he lived there less than a year?  I do believe some of Susannah Coppock relatives lived in Darke County. 
Darke County Courthouse
I have a warm place in my heart for Darke County regardless. There was an email from Brenda of the Garst Museum in Greenville this morning.  She was kind enough to write and recommend the Beers publication History of Darke County Ohio, 1880. This is a very useful resource and the online search function is extremely helpful in quickly finding the information you need.  I know that Beers published a lot of this kind of book back in the day – it was their business, and I’m grateful. I’m also twice tickled. Beers is a family name of ours.  I have no idea if the publisher is related. But, there’s another I’d like to claim.  John Beers was listed as one of the two first teachers in Darke County from 1818-1830.

Darke County has a rich Native American history as well as a pioneer history – and there was an historical coming together of the tribes and Americans in 1795 for the signing of the Green Ville Treaty. The gathering was impressive and I will not repeat the list of attendees here but highly recommend the account found on the Garst Museum website:’ve been a huge fan and follower of the adventures of Lewis and Clark . . . and even they were at this meeting in what would become Darke County. This meeting was national in scope and opened up the Northwest Territory to white settlement. Well, you know how American/Indian Treatys ended up. 
Lab Technician
It was a gorgeous day with sunshine and a nice ocean breeze – in the 70s – in other words, perfect. I survived my two day fast surprisingly well and then felt it the perfect time to go get those fasting blood tests the doctor has been nagging me about.  Yay!  I got to eat after that.  Michael Mosley’s book arrived today . . . this is going to work!  Whoa, and when I turned on the TV this evening there he was doing his exercise program. I'm notoriously sedentary and don't like to exercise.  But, he has me convinced that sitting long periods of time in a chair will kill you.  I'm going to get up and move much more every day doing everyday things - and never sit through a commercial on TV!
Photos:  Darke County Courthouse, Quaker Star Wikipedia,  Dracula Microsoft Clipart


  1. I'm impressed with what you're doing … keep on keepin'on. . .

  2. Thank you, Sandy for linking to our site. We are pleased that the information is of value to your readers.
    Happy Autumn indeed!

  3. John and Susannah Elleman are also my 4th great grandparents.


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